Growth & Development Workshops

These workshops help participants to look at their health from a different perspective. The focus is on mental health, self-image, body image, positivity, and attitude. These workshops help participants realize health is more than what you eat and how much you exercise.


Culinary Competitions & Field Trips!

The events range from cooking/baking competitions between staff vs. students. Competitors come from different culinary classes within the same school and neighboring schools. The competitions and cook-offs allow the students to exhibit their culinary skills to their peers, staff and the community! The field trips range from visiting local grocery stores, visiting farms, culinary themed museums and restaurants. 


Interactive Culinary Classes

These classes are full of fun interactive workshops in which an age-appropriate science activity is taught. Activities include learning songs (if applicable), hands-on cooking activities and more! Below is an example of lessons we teach:

  • Caterpillar Kebabs

  • Top 10 Table Manners

  • Honey Witch’s Brew

  • Apple Ladybugs

  • Knife Safety 

  • Superbowl Snack Attack

  • Fondue Please!

  • Super Delux Salad

  • Healthy Rainbow

  • Oh So Smooth Smoothie

  • My Valentine treats

  • Avocado Smoothie Delight

  • Humble Hummus

  • Pizza Strudel & more!

Culinary Classes

Our hands-on cooking classes are fun yet informative. We incorporate a number of different subjects such as English, Mathematics, Geography, History and Leadership. We align S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) into our curriculum, encourage teamwork and independent thinking. Students learn about food safety, food chemistry, food physics), caloric intake, nutritional value and a number of other areas of science. Various types of technology are used depending on the recipe being made. Engineering is incorporated in every recipe followed in order to create the meal. Mathematics is used in measuring the ingredients. A writing component is also incorporated to learn about the students’ experiences in the classes.


Healthy Living & Nutrition Workshops

Some of our workshop topics focus on stress, sugar, basic nutrition, seasonal eating, basic healthy living, exercise, financial health, career health, and specific diseases/illnesses. We encourage our participants to look at health from a proactive perspective and incorporate healthy living alternatives.


Culinary Classes

Healthy Living & Nutrition Workshops

Growth & Development Workshops

Cooking Competitions, Field Trips!

Interactive Culinary Lessons