"Our mission is to empower students, parents and staff to understand how nutrition, physical activity, personal development, and lifestyle choices can be the keys to reaching their full potential."

Kyira A. Harris, CEO of Keys to Abundant Life, Inc. studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received her certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She received her Master of Arts degree in speech-language pathology and has been working with children since 1998.  Providing speech, language, and feeding services in the home environment allowed her to see that education regarding whole nutrition, physical activity, health, and well-being is missing and is needed in families. After unsuccessfully exhausting Western medicine options and healing using Eastern philosophies of medicine for varying digestive problems, her interest was piqued.  This led her to study more in-depth regarding the relationship between nutrition and other aspects of life. Keys to Abundant Life, Inc. consists of various experts in their fields. We have culinary instructors, natural body and personal care consultants, financial experts, job and career readiness experts, and holistic health counselors who provide workshops and classes to varied populations.

Keys to Abundant Life, Inc. was founded in 2005 to provide a life-changing journey to optimal health. We believe that everyone is completely intelligent. We act as catalysts to optimal health. Participants receive information, alternative options, and support regarding all areas of their health that need improvement. New eating habits are taught through a gradual introduction of healthy, tasty foods. Direct connections between food and energy, feelings, and diseases/ailments are learned. All of our participants are challenged to step out of their comfort zone to broaden their horizons. We believe that health is more than what you eat. It includes a positive attitude about self, life, and others, as well as having tools to handle everyday life occurrences.